A Snowy Day (A First Foray into Seven Quick Takes)

by Alice

1. Jen Fulwiler’s Seven Quick Takes link-up posts are always among my favorite, and I always enjoy reading other people’s posts. Yet this evening, as I get ready to link this up, I must say I feel terribly nervous. I can’t even say that I’m an introvert– it is nothing as comprehensible as that. It’s just straight up social anxiety, even on the internet. So, there you have it. And I can’t even comment on Minor Revisions, because I forgot about it and watched a stupid Hercule Poirot episode instead. I’m dying to know how it ended.

2. Speaking of introverts, yesterday while doing my blood glucose test at the lab, I was seated for some time next to a woman reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. I’ve heard a lot about it and sort of wanted to ask her what she thought, but at the very least *I* am too awkward to do so. Anyway, this is the last we’ll say about that, because the internet can only handle so many women talking about their social anxieties.

3. It snowed even more than promised, but the downtown campus didn’t close until 3:00. Almost everything I had to go to was cancelled anyway, and the one thing I skipped would have been interrupted by the closure if I did go. We did brave the driving snow to take a walk in the park– probably a foolish decision, as I nearly sprained my ankle several times stepping off invisible curbs– but it does mean I have some lovely pictures for you.




4. I was really priding myself (spoiler alert) on my spiritual growth last week, because a friend announced her pregnancy and I was really and truly able to be happy for her, rather than sorry for myself. Then a visiting bishop came to the young professionals prayer gathering/holy hour for which I had planned the readings and hymns, and praised it heartily (and publicly) for its content and cohesiveness. My first instinct was to want to cry out, “boo-yah, hatah!” at the organizer who keeps telling me that my programs have too little content and too much time for silent prayer.

…definitely still some growing to do.

5. On that subject, Lent! I’m very pleased, because my husband has a tendency to choose on a lot of fasting for himself, and last Easter he was dangerously underweight. He’s spent most of the past ten months trying to bulk up, so today, under the influence of Simcha Fisher’s latest column, I informed him that he could give up either sweets, or alcohol, or meat, or some choice of two, but not all three. He chose to give up sweets and alcohol, and while my next two or three weeks of meal plans are still all vegetarian,* I’m glad to know that it will be an option. (Particularly since I really ought to start experimenting once again with giving up dairy and gluten.)

*In related news: clearly I’m terrible at long-term vegetarian meal planning, which is distressing, since I’ve been a vegetarian at two different times of my life. So I’m all ears for advice.

6. Continuing on the same subject… I’m giving up caffeine for Lent, because I realized that I think about coffee more than I think about Jesus. I’ve been dialing down the amount I ingest for the past few weeks, to make myself less miserable to be around, and the effect has been amazing. I’ve been waking up before my alarm, fully rested, almost every day– and that’s just with reducing to one cup of half-caf a day. I may be converted.

7. I hit my fifty-percent goal on my current thesis related research project! Thank you, snow storm. (If you were curious, that means I’m currently in the middle of comparing how my two commentaries treat the creation of the fish and birds in Genesis 1.) I’ve found some real Latin howlers, though, and for this I blame my stupid Nanowrimo-inspired effort to finish all my manuscript-copying last November. I neither finished the transcriptions nor did a good job on the transcriptions that I did, and now I’m paying the price. Perhaps I should have titled this blog “The Inept Philologist.”

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